3 Active Steps You Can Take To Get More Instagram Followers
3 Active Steps You Can Take To Get More Instagram Followers


If you find yourself in conversation with a social media marketer ask them what is their major Instagram question and invariably the reply will be how to get free Instagram followers . Followers are a major way to know if your marketing strategy is working and if your message is being well-received. Apart from the tips mentioned above, here are some active ways you can ensure more and more follow backs:

Hosting Takeovers

Most businesses have a certain space in the market where their brand fits and there is hardly any interaction with other members of the community. Instagram takeovers are a great way to interact outside the community by inviting another member of the market, and employee, or influencer to take over your news feed for a day. This helps in boosting interaction and engagement with the audience, getting more followers and identifying an authentic brand image.

Organize Contests

Giving away things as free gifts have been around ever since the emergence of businesses. Everyone loves free gifts, especially if it comes with then feeling of winning. Contests like pic of the day, theme photos etc. are a great way to engage audiences and even get new followers. You can use hash tags to increase the visibility of such posts.

Like, Comment, Ask Questions

This is the most straightforward way to get more users to interact with your brand. You might consider posting pictures which have a question in the captions or using a fill in the blanks caption. The more pictures you like, the more chances you have of getting follow backs. Comments are a great way to show your followers that you appreciate them and this might make others want to follow you as well.

While you must remember various other aspects of enhancing your online presence like posting top-quality images, ensuring that your posts are relevant, and maintaining a healthy frequency, keep in mind that it is the number of Instagram followers that reflect your success.

Win Points, Multipliers, and Coins: Ways to Up Your Hungry Shark Evolution Gameplay

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Focus on Eating Fish: Eat Them All!

You might be rolling your eyes and muttering “big surprise” under your breath but wait. While playing this game, your priority must be to eat as much as you can. You will notice that if you stop eating or haven’t eaten for some time, your energy levels will start dropping. If you see a school of fish near you, eat as many as you possibly can. If you manage to eat the entire school you get a “school’s out” bonus.

Know What You Are Up Against

After eating as may fish as you can, your next most important priority must be to avoid enemies who are harder to defeat. Take note of creatures that can take you easily and keep a safe distance if you do not want to lose put on some big health points. Beginners must avoid jellyfish and sharks. If you do get near one, utilize your burst control to swim away before your fish gets devoured.

Lastly, spending some gold on maps of the area you are playing is a clever choice as it will help you find the HUNGRY letters on the map. On finding all the letters before dying you will be rewarded with the supersize mode which allows you to eat basically anything. The maps also help you find where the daily treasure chest is. Hope these tips answered your questions about hungry shark evolution game cheats.